First Round Pick Advice

In a 12 team, Full PPR, Keeper league, I am the #3 overall pick. My keeper is James Conner. Currently, the top 6 players not kept will be Kamara, Adams, OBJ, DJ, Kelce, JuJu. One of my league members has offered me Hopkins (his keeper) for my first and third round picks. I know that Kamara will be kept at #1 but don’t know who is being kept at #2. If I knew Adams would fall to me, I wouldn’t look to trade those picks. But not knowing who is being taken at #2, makes me wonder if I should try and get Hopkins with those picks. Thoughts?

I wouldn’t do it. Even if Adams is taken, you’ll have the chance to get OBJ or Juju, both of whom have decent floors with possible WR1 upside. I don’t think losing the value of your 3rd rounder is worth the more sure thing in Nuk. And staying pat, there is still a chance you get Adams.

You’re giving up a solid piece in the 3rd round. Depth is important.

I wouldn’t do it either. The difference between Hop and Juju or OBJ will be nowhere near who you’ll get in the 3rd.
Hopkins vs OBJ and Edelman ?
Hopkins vs Juju and Woods?

I’d stick.

I wouldn’t either
Take what’s available and it looks like DJ or juju would be my selection in full PPR