First round Pick for friend's Second and Fourth Round Pick!

Hi Everyone,

My friend wants to trade his 2nd and 4th round picks for my first round pick. He picks 6th and I pick 9th. 12 team snake draft and .5 PPR. Should I do this?? I am worried about missing out on a stud RB.

You’re basically giving up Gordon/OBJ for like Allen/Adams/AJ Green + Juju/Jarvis/Drake.

Close call one for me but I’m higher on Drake than most.

And assuming you take like a CMAC with your own 2nd round pick, you’re looking at like

CMac + Drake + Lamar Miller + Allen + Diggs in your first 4 rounds vs

Gordon + CMac + Diggs + Fitz type open.

Up to personal preferences there but I’d probably learn towards the Gordon side.

I think I’d rather have that first round pick. I’m drafting at the 9/12 and think that turn is actually pretty good.

I would take Gordon with the 9th pick. They project him to only score 20 more points to CMac. So Mac plus a fourth rounder like drake for Gordon. Man I really don’t know… Thanks for the advice

who do you want at 9th? If Kamara or Barkley fell that would be amazing. Gordon will probably be there. Just trying to decide if I would take Gordon over CMac and Drake…

That’s not the right way to think about it though. You’re not getting CMAC with his pick. I don’t think CMAC lasts that long. You’ll likely be getting CMac with your own original 2nd round pick. And you’re probably getting a WR with the pick you acquired from him. So it turns into like maybe one of the WRs i listed + someone like Kenyan drake for Gordon.

Again, if its Gordon vs Cmac + drake, I’ll take Cmac + drake. That is not the trade you should be thinking about though. CMAC will go within the top 15. So you’ll be taking him with your own 2nd round pick. Not his.

If I’m picking 9th, I tend to go Zero RB with someone like OBJ. I have him in a different tier than Gordon. But if you’re not comfortable with running Zero RB, Gordon is a good pick.

Ahh I see your point. Yes Jerick McKinnon and Freeman are the next players on the board at the time I would be using his pick. So Mckinnon/freeman and Drake for Gordon. Hmm while they are in the same tier as Cmac I feel different for some reason.

I would be shocked if you got freeman. Freeman should be going basically where CMAC goes. If you got freeman and Drake, I’d take that.

Also, don’t draft McKinnon. He sucks. Just don’t do it. You’ll regret it guarnateed. I’ll take Breida for 10 rounds cheaper.

That’s why I said you’re likely looking at a WR.