First Superflex draft for me tonight. Tips?

title kind of says it all. have my first ever superflex league draft tonight and have read over the info on the footballers site in relation to it; as well as other resources online. But before i draft, i was wondering if you guys had any extra tips or draft strategies as i am completely inexperienced with this format.

12 team snake. Half PPR with 3 WRs.

much different format than i am used to and there are many differing strats on how to draft for this format/ rules… just unsure. any advice appreciated.

Scoring/ league rules:

Passing Yards: 25 yards per point
Passing Touchdowns: 4
Interceptions: -1
Rushing Yards: 10 yards per point
Rushing Touchdowns: 6
Receptions: 0.5
Receiving Yards: 10 yards per point
Receiving Touchdowns: 6
Return Touchdowns: 6

I’d started one last year. The only thing that’s different is you draft a quarterback a lot earlier. So if you want Aaron Rodgers you have to draft him in round 1 or 2. Basically each quarterback gets bumped up by one or two rounds.

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