FIRST THREAD ...and it's a doozy

Hello Footclan! Glad to be here and hoping to hear some strong opinions about my start/sit quandary for the week:

I have three spots to potentially start four WR1s. Who should play and who gets the bench?

•Dez @ SF
•Fitz @ LA
•B Cooks vs ATL
•M Evans @ BUF

Thanks in advance! Happy football!

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Of the 4 M. Evans has the worst matchup in my opinion, but I don’t know how’d you sit him.

It’s tough but I’d probably sit Dez.

Mike Dez Cooks in that order for me. Mike and Dez together give you a high enough floor with a very high ceiling to compensate not starting Larry Fitz, and then you can’t pass up ceiling of Cooks. Fitz is safer than Dez and Cooks, but with those 3 guys you have to shoot for the stars.

I think Cooks has had sub par outings simply because the Pats did not want to expose their offensive plans for him early on. Now that they have a couple losses, in a big game like this I expect them to unleash him. The Falcons didn’t game plan for him in the Superbowl. Following the logic above, they don’t know what to expect from Cooks. I am confident they will utilize him frequently and creatively

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I’d sit Fitz, but Cooks is close for me. I think Evans and Dez are musts this week based on matchups. Rams Pass D is pretty good, and you never know who Brady is going to target outside of Hogan.