First Time 2 Keeper League Help!

My league is transitioning to a 2 Keeper League and i need advice on which 2 to keep. There are no draft round penalties and we are a 10 team NFL PPR (QB/2RB/2WR/TE/Flex/K/D.

I know Kamara is 1st choice, but I am torn between OBJ, Mahomes, Conner, & Mixon.
I am concerned with Mixon ( the loss of AJ Green, new offense - RBBC?), same with Conner.

Which 1 should I keep?


Kamara is easy for the first, but then I’m kinda torn between mixon and obj for the 2nd one. I think I would lean mixon but I wouldn’t have a problem if u kept obj. Also depends who else is kept if u r able to find out

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I agree with @JarekF21. Kamara for sure and then I’d lean Mixon, but wouldn’t mind hanging onto OBJ if it looks like no top tier WRs will be available in round 1 of your draft.

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@MisterEd @JarekF21
Thanks for the advice! My only question is since this is the first year as a keeper league, would it be better to keep Mahomes and have your QB for years to come?

Since this is the 1st year of your keeper league, I think you can get some insights from treating it like the startup of a dynasty league. I don’t know any experts (I’m certainly not an expert btw, so take my advice for what it’s worth, nothing ) that would advocate drafting your QB in the first 2 rounds of your dynasty startup draft. That’s how I’d view these 2 keepers at this point, your 1st 2 picks in the draft. I’m sure their are some startup dynasty draft articles (maybe even keeper articles) on the site with better advice than mine.

I hope this isn’t against the rules to post here.
And based on it I change my mind, I’d keep OBJ before Mixon.

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I wouldn’t keep mahomes, especially since it is only 2 keepers. If it was superflex than I think things change, but I wouldn’t keep someone simply because you plan on keeping them in the future. Im in a 10 team keeper league entering its 7th season and we keep 6 players, and even then there are only a few teams who keep qbs

You could easily release Mahomes and redraft him, no need to keep him. Focus on where guys are going in ADP, take the most valuable ones based on that.

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And in regards to mixon vs obj, it’s just personal preference. Do you want a higher upside play in a potential top 5 rb, or the safety of a potential top 5 wr? Both are great calls depending on your risk tolerance (as well as who others are keeping…zig when others zag)

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I would go with Kamara & Mixon. You can potentially have two top-10 backs weekly. You know both are going to be heavily involved in the offense. With only 20 players off the board to start you should still have enough talent to pick up some great receivers & a solid 3rd RB option. If you want to start with a more balanced team, go OBJ sure, I don’t think anyone is going to fault you for that.

I probably wouldn’t go Mahomes just because I think you could still draft him if you really wanted him that bad. If someone wants to take him in the 1st, then that’s another skill position player for you.

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