First time auction draft

Any tips or strategies for someone partaking in there first ever auction draft? Anything will help. Thanks!

I was in an auction league for 6 years.

  1. You can’t take it with you. People always hold onto their money and you end up spending $30 for a fourth string WR in the last round rather than have dropped that money on a top player.

  2. Kickers and DEF should be $1, 2 at the absolute most if you want to troll someone and steal.

  3. Strategically nominate. It’s not like a normal draft where the players generally go in order. This is where you can use tiers the best. If you notice there’s only 1 or 2 players left in a tier when it’s your turn, nominate from the tier below and try to see if people will overpay. People will spend more when they have more, so getting some lower tier players bought first may cause some good players to slip.

  4. Similar to a redraft, if you go big on QB and TE (say Mahomes/Kelce stack) you’ll have a hard time filling out the rest of your roster. It’s not impossible but just something to consider.

  5. there will be good WR who go cheap, possibly even for $1 late. There probably won’t be many useable RBs in that price range.

  6. Stars and Scrubs is a viable strategy.

  7. You’ll have to pay attention to not only everyone’s rosters, but how much morey they have left.

And finally, have fun!! This is a game first and foremost. Auctions give plenty of opportunity to troll people with bids, drive the costs up for someone, make fun of people for overpaying for their homer team. I enjoyed it a lot.

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Thanks! Very helpful! Just one question… what is the star and scrubs strategy?

It’s where you spend up getting three or four top tier guys, then just fill out your roster with a bunch of cheap adds. For example you get like Taylor/Cook/Chase/Jefferson but you probably only have like $30 left. So you’ll only be able to get a bunch of cheaper players at the end. But you have 3-4 elite players that you’d never be able to get in a redraft.

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If you don’t mind being a mocker Fecker, you could do some mock auction drafts before the real thing.

God I loved the days when you could throw out Chicago’s Adrian Peterson, or Cincinnati’s Mike Thomas as the first players nominated and have some schmoe who’s not paying attention pay $50 for them. lol