First-Time Champion!

Mostly due to an almost literally last-minute switch at QB from Dak to Fitzmagic, who then proceeded to put up almost 40 and outpoint Lamar, my opponent’s QB. I did start Boone tonight but it didn’t matter, the title was already clinched without him.

Thanks loads to all the folks on this board who helped me throughout the season! I dedicate the chateaubriand that I have coming to you. Salute and see you in August!



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I would also like to add that i drafted 12th out of 12, didn’t trade any of my first 4 picks in the end and released the 5th outright, lost Cook and Godwin last week and Carson early this week, and won anyway. I still don’t believe it.

Thanks kindly!

Wow, way to overcome that…which I can relate. I lost Mike Evans and Cook.
Losing Carson too though- damn. Must have had some good depth and excellent waiver pick ups. Congrats again.

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Indeed – McLaurin and Waller off waivers earlier in the season, Miles Sanders and the PIT D later on, and Fitzpatrick just this past week initially as insurance for Dak’s shoulder. They all came together at the right times.