First-time Commish using platform – Need help with waivers/adds/drops

This is my first year using fantasy and I’m a new commish. I wish there were a class for rookies!
My old league was very restrictive with add/drops so I’m uncertain how to configure it to provide more flexibility. Current settings: FAAB of $100. Unlimited adds/week or adds/season. Waiver period is 1 day. Free Agent players lock at game time. And players post-draft follow the waiver rules. My Qs:

  1. We drafted Saturday, and it looks like everyone left is now an FA. Will they remain FAs until their games start in Week 1?
  2. Does the waiver process run every night? If not, which nights does it run? I don’t have any settings that seem to control this.
  3. If I drop a player today (Tues), they will process Wed night? And if not picked up they become a FA on Thursday a.m.?
  4. With FAs locking at game time, they are unavailable until the Tuesday night run, correct? Is this the best way to configure this?

Any advice is appreciated. We have 5 managers (out of 12) that have never played FF, so I want to make sure they understand and that they have a good experience in their first year. TIA!

Switch to Sleeper. They have anything you could think you would need and more. You can select which days for Waivers and if FA will be allowed on any given day or not, and even select the exact hour if you want them to run at a certain time each day. When players are dropped, you can select if they go right to waivers/FA or have a waiting period. You can also set players to lock at game start and process “After Monday” which will have them ready to go for waivers/FA periods.

Sleeper has a great FAQ section and are very quick to respond when reaching out to support for help as well. They will also help you import your current league over to their platform too.

Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll take a look at it. A few of the managers used NFL last year so that’s why we chose it. Maybe I can convince them to migrate. Thanks again!

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