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First time Commish!

I have been playing FF for about 20 years now but have never run a league. I believe I was just voted commish of our new dynasty league. Is there a way to mock commish? LOL!! I have read a lot about it but would like to set one up now but probably not use it. I might want to create one on a few different platforms just to see difference and knowledge. Just trying to get a head start so it goes smooth the first time. THANKS!!

Best advice I can give you, as a 9 year commish. Always put the health of the league before your own teams interests.

Also: expect to hear your fare share of criticism. Be transparent. Allow a voting system to overrule you if you make a call the league is against.

Throw out cheaters. When the 1-9 team dumps all their players to the 7-3 team, dont ask questions. Boot them.

Thanks man! I have been creating a league on Sleeper and probably just stay on it! Its awesome! Played in the Megalabowl this past season and I loved the platform! It was easier than I thought to create, now management will be a different story but I have the confidence and already want to draft! Thanks for the response!