First time Commish!

I have been playing FF for about 20 years now but have never run a league. I believe I was just voted commish of our new dynasty league. Is there a way to mock commish? LOL!! I have read a lot about it but would like to set one up now but probably not use it. I might want to create one on a few different platforms just to see difference and knowledge. Just trying to get a head start so it goes smooth the first time. THANKS!!

Best advice I can give you, as a 9 year commish. Always put the health of the league before your own teams interests.

Also: expect to hear your fare share of criticism. Be transparent. Allow a voting system to overrule you if you make a call the league is against.

Throw out cheaters. When the 1-9 team dumps all their players to the 7-3 team, dont ask questions. Boot them.

Thanks man! I have been creating a league on Sleeper and probably just stay on it! Its awesome! Played in the Megalabowl this past season and I loved the platform! It was easier than I thought to create, now management will be a different story but I have the confidence and already want to draft! Thanks for the response!

Echoing alot of what dill said as a 10 year commish.
Make sure you have thick skin, you will hear a lot of crying and whining, you are now the Goodell of your league, just walk up to that podium with a fat smile while everyone boos you.

Also keep everything to an open vote when going down this path, it removes “favortism” and keeps things transparent

Never never! change scoring once preseason kicks off unless it’s a unanimous vote.