First time commissioner, looking for tips?

So my commissioner decided to hand the title and responsibilities over to me after this season. Starting immediately I will be co-commissioner of my 12 team, 4 year old league with friends from high school, fully taking over at the end of the season. Lots of changes we are going to discuss for next year to improve the league (keeper, FAAB, draft pick trading, using some of prize money for a plaque or trophy, etc) and would like all of your best tips for a first time commissioner.

A few things I’m wondering:
-What situations to league vote and when to make the decision on my own
-Your preferred trade rules (HUGE problem this year with people vetoing a fair trade just because they had the option to)
-Tips and lessons you’ve learned through experience

Any advice no matter how big or small is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Trade veto should always be commissioner only. And only veto for collusion or an experienced owner taking advantage of a new player.

League vote on any change to faab, keeper, etc.

If you want to move from standard to ppr I’d just tell them and do it in the offseason.

And never make any changes mid season.

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One thing I learned this year as a commish of a free to play league among friends for about 4 years
for the first time this year we added a fee and payout system,
we all learned that Friendships mean nothing once playoffs comes around.

Here’s a few I’ve picked up over the years.

Have your league playoff rules, including tiebreakers and payouts, playoff seeding etc., clearly defined before your draft and explain them at the draft or give everyone some documentation of these rules. It’ll save alot of grief later when someone thinks they should have made the playoffs, should have won a playoff game or should have been paid out more money.

Disperse your league payouts at a pre defined time and place, and be reasonably swift doing so after the season ends. You expect your members to pay promptly so the same should be expected from you. Our league does a small get together and awards ceremony during halftime of the Sunday Noon game on Wildcard Weekend. Everyone knows when it is and when they’re getting paid. Otherwise you’ll have people calling you wanting you to meet them here or there to pay them out and it gets to be a hassle.

My tips (based on about 5 years of commishing):

  1. Don’t over commish. Let the settings in the platform run the show. Been in leagues were the commish tries to manually manage some stuff and its always a disaster.

  2. Enforce a payment time. In my league all fees must be paid to be by the end of week 5. Failure to do so without some kind of payment terms with me results in manager being locked out. Just because you are commish doesn’t mean you need to be spending your own money.

  3. I off-season vote most changes however every once in a while I use my commish powers and make a change. In particular when trying something new. For example, not this season but next we are switching to FAAB for one season and then the league will vote on what they like best

  4. If you don’t already have a common chat place try to set it up. We use whatsapp and it has made the league so much better, especially on Sundays.

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