First time drafting for best ball. How do y’all think I did?

overall, good job. i would have liked 1 more QB for injury sake, but you have a nice mix of players that will produce regularly, and players that will boom for you on any given week. the players selected leave something to be desired though. a lot of injury history, and unproductive history. especially in the WR area. but if all works out, you may end up having one of those teams that will hit hard when it hits, but kinda meh when it doesnt. i do like your RBs a lot. plenty of backups, but all guys that can have huge weeks. i would give this a solid B.

Thanks. I’ll take that into account. Like I said it was my first fastball draft and it was only a dollar so it was a good learning experience

Nice dude, how many teams?

I like it. I personally always cap my RBs at 5. Try to take at least 3 in the first 5 rounds and then with that extra spot I try to hit a home run with QBs. Usually one of the rookie QBs