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First Time Dynasty Leaguers

Wanted to start a thread to discuss Dynasty fantasy football. If you’ve never played before, just starting or thinking about it - what questions do you have? I have a passion for Dynasty FF/ commissioning and would love to discuss with anyone interested.

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I played my first season in a 12 team superflex dynasty this last year, but have a few questions for vets.

Has anyone played 14 team superflex dynasty? If so is it crazy or fun?

What is your ideal # of Starters, Bench and Taxi spots in a 14 teamer

What is the best way to determine draft order?

What is the best way to play for $ in dynasty as far as collecting for future years etc

Has anyone played 14 team superflex dynasty? If so is it crazy or fun?

  • I have one Superflex Dynasty League (12 teams). I love it. Being able to slot in guys like Jacoby Brisset early in the season and Ryan Tanahill late made each week an exciting adventure. A 14 team would be pretty interesting and really drive the demand for QBs. I would expect every backup to be owned in this type of league which will affect roster size.

  • I also play in a 16 team dynasty league (my first, started 4 years ago). It’s only 1 QB. Would not recommend Supeflex for this type of league. QB value is almost as high as two QB leagues.

What is your ideal # of Starters, Bench and Taxi spots in a 14 teamer?

In general the roster size should be 2.5-3 times the starting lineup. If your start linup was 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, Flex, 1SP (total 8) then I would expect the roster to be 20-24. It is quite common for leagues to start on the smaller side and expand the roster in future years as needed.

What is the best way to determine draft order?

Rookie Draft order should be reverse of standings. Champion gets last pick. Worst team “should” get the lat pick. If you are outlawing tanking (I do not recommend this) than you can setup multiple ways of assigning the 1.01. I can elaborate further if needed.

The startup draft can be auction or a snake. I prefer setting up some sort of completion to determine and order. Than those individuals will pick their spot. So Team A wins the competition and choose the 4th draft position (1.04, 2.11, etc. for a 14 team league). A great competion where everyone has an equal footing would be to pick the Super bowl winner and use total score or total yards as a tie breaker.

What is the best way to play for $ in dynasty as far as collecting for future years etc?

I prefer LeagueSafe. They have a mechanism in to support this called Balance Rollover. You would collect 2x the league fees up front. Each year you would distribute the winnings as allotted and roll over the remaining balance.

Note: You cannot refund someone a portion of the league fees within one year. Therefore if a team abandons year one, they would get nothing back - typically. All this should be addressed in your bylaws.

I just posted something about this. Wish I would have seen your post! I’m new to Dynasty Leagues… 10-teamer, Standard Scoring…

What’s your opinion on Waivers during the offseason? 24/7 waiver claims, 24/7 FA’s, or Mon-Fri Waivers with FA weekends?

Thanks in advance!

To determine my groups draft order we randomized our draft order initially to figure out our drafting order… Then, we completed a draft of PGA players and then NASCAR drivers in another draft for the weekends events… Lowest average finish out of everyone was the 1.01 and so on… None of us are experts in either sport, so we really enjoyed that!

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To add to do that… Both were just 1-Round drafts too so each team had 1 golfer and 1 driver… Ties were decided by the original randomized draft order.

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I highly encourage some sort of off-season waiver. Locking free agents doesn’t make a lick of sense to me.

One of the hardest parts of running a dynasty league is fostering ongoing interest during the off-season. By implementing a waivers system your league can create interest/“something to do” to help to keep league mates invested.

My preference is running waivers, same as in-season, through to the Superbowl. There is enough news and player breakouts/injuries that it is worthwhile. From Superbowl to beginning of training camp I run waivers once a week. This creates an “event” for league mates to plan for and experience and at the same time does not allow the easy scoop based on an off-season signing/injury. Once training camp starts up I would run daily waivers Sun, Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, (same as in-season).

My preference is to not allow free agent signings at any time of the year in a dynasty league.

I was asked about keeping a dynasty league active in another thread. I’m answering here to keep all comments in one place

There is no secret. It takes effort. Effort on the part of a commissioner. Effort from your league mates.

As a commish your role is to facilitate. Provide “events” or things for people to do or talk about. This can be as simple as posting to the league chat to encourage communication. I often pose questions, cut and paste interesting info from twitter, and comment on news throughout the year.

Routinely I’ll send trade requests to each leaguemates. Trading inspires more trading.

In terms of off-season “events” there is your standard rookie draft that typically brings the group together in May or June.

Outside of that I hold a Prop Bet competition yearly. Some of the bets involve Rookies (who is picked first overall, how many trades in the first round, etc.). Other bets range from most regular season touchdowns to League MVP. Managers complete their bets on a Google doc and the winner at the end of the year get the 2.17 rookie draft pick the following year.

We decided last year to conduct a parallel Guillotine league. It’s not mandatory but we’ve had full participation so far. This created a 12 round draft. Order is determined by attempting to predict the outcome of a per-season game. The closest guess gets to choose their draft position.

This year we are doing a (just for fun) Playoff league where each week managers submit a lineup. Each player started can only be started once by that manager - most points at the end of the season wins.

These are just some examples. Most of which I’ve stolen or borrowed from others. Every league is different and has a participation level to match. But I’ve learned you get out of it what you put into it.

As a league member you’re role is to participate. If the commish sets something up like mentioned above or otherwise, do them a favour and at least take part.

I have just finished my first season in a 12 team superflex dynasty. This season coming they want to introduce taxi spots. What are the pros and cons of doing so?

I am in the process of establishing a 12-team dynasty league with friends, and none of us have ever played in one before. I’ve been doing a lot of research and seems like there is a lot of different opinions on how to handle a startup draft.

What do you think is the best way to handle a startup draft? Should there be one draft including both rookies and veterans? Or should you do a veteran startup draft and a separate rookie draft?

For me, its more about timing.

If drafting now, then I would conduct separate veteran and rookie drafts. Whether doing an auction or snake, make sure the draft order is inverted between the vet and rookie draft positions.

If you want to wait until closer to the 2020 season, then I would do one draft (after the 2020 NFL rookie draft).

I’ve done both. Based on my experience there is no noticeable effect on future years by doing it one way or the other.