First time Dynasty Player - Strategy advice

Just joined my first dynasty league. It’s superflex TE premium. How does this impact your draft strategy? Should I focus on QB early? Ex Mahomes in round 1 or Kyler early?

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I’m also in a superflex league, been in it for 1 year now. You’re absolutely right about round 1. Guaranteed Lamar and Pat will go very high. I’d suggest to try having 3 starting QBs by the end of your draft. Ideally, 2 young QBs with promise and 1 vet who will be solid for you now. Hope that helps.

That is very helpful! In redraft I always take QB late so looks like readjusting the strategy is needed

I cannot understate the importance of solid QB in a SF league. IMHO, you get a top guy and a back of the QB1 group. Then wait for the rush and get a strong mid QB2 tier. You will not be happy waiting on QB. Been there. Tried that. Still digging out of that hole.

They also hold and command perpetual value. That is a strong reason to get 2 solid pieces, a good 3rd and a dart throw (still actively rostered) 4th. Do not go QB crazy as you do not know if your league will care, but you are better with 3 starters and a 4th to float out there as trade if needed.

TE premium does not really change things, but make sure to grab a few upside guys along with 1 of the projected top 10. I think there are so many emerging TE that you do not need to blow early picks on a Kittle or Kelce, but be ready to grab possibly back to back TEs at some point.

I’d hammer QB first. You can fill in the rest as years go on, but anchoring your team with a Lamar / PM / Kyler (if you like him) / Watson / Wilson / Dak is a great situation. Grabbing two is never bad and do not feel like you are ‘weak’ at other positions. WR are bountiful and RB is a mess, so know you are skipping on high end RB. But take comfort in knowing high end RB come along every year. Top end QB do not.

Just look at this rookie class as an example. You need a top 2-3 to get a QB in SF rookie drafts. Stud RB are 5ish deep and get mixed in with high end WR. You can get a stud at those positions out through early round 2.

These are my thoughts / approaches, and many other people will have different takes, but I hope they help some!

Thanks this was incredibly helpful to read! I’ve tried some mocks for a startup superflex but they are so weird. I’m lucky enough to have the first pick so I’m locked in on mahomes. I’ve seen some good rbs slide in mocks, and I want to make sure I have quality starters this year. Need to find the balance between getting those stud WRs and having good backs this year and not jump at the young guys without roles

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Smart to not go too overboard on youth, but definitely do not ignore them. They are the lifeblood of your team moving forward.

Not that you are asking, but here’s how I’d look at the draft. PM is absolutely the 1.01 for me in SF. I think you can grab a great WR then your second QB at the 2/3 turn. At that point, I probably slam 2 more WR depending on what the RB room looks like, but for just this year I think that there are enough late early / early mid round RBs to be a fine placeholder for your team this year. Even, or especially, one of the rookies.

You can gain lots of value with players seen as ‘old’ in your dynasty start up. Marvin Jones / Crowder / Golden Tate / Landry are all easy examples of players who ought to produce at least as solid FLEX or likely better that no one is really looking at. While risky, Bell / David Johnson / Gurley / Melvin Gordon are great guys to anchor a ‘thin’ RB group while adding in a young stud maybe early to develop. Those older value plays can get you competitive this year while the rest of your team matures.

But always read the board and try to attack the positions not being taken. Assuming it makes sense, of course. That is, if you are seeing a run on RB, don’t jump on last. Look at WR or early TE to get value. Once you are past the first 5/6 RB, I think most of the guys out though RB20 are about equal chance to hit. QB, especially talented young guns, will drive your squad so much longer than reaching for RB in those early SF rounds. It might feel weird, but dynasty is not like redraft.

You can win now but you are also in a marathon. A strong but not ‘studly’ opening build might not win you this year, but you can be a contender year 2 on. IMHO, that’s the play I go after. I’m okay not winning year one if I am feeling more sure I am competitive for years to come.

Regardless of what strategy you employ, starting with PM gives you a strong foundation for years out the jump. Congrats on that!