First Time Dynasty start up Questions

Hello Footclan. I finally got coworkers interested in a dynasty league in addition to the larger redraft we do. I have never been in or commissioned a dynasty league so was looking for advice on setting any non “standard” rules, scoring settings and things like that. But mostly, what platform do you all find is the best for it? Also, how deep of bench is preferred? Appreciate any help and good luck in the playoffs everyone!

Sleeper app is by far my favorite platform. Tracks and allows pick trading for multiple years, great looking draft boards that keep up with trades, and the app has nice community and private chat features. I’m in a few different type of dynasty’s. I like to dive in and really build for the future so I’d recommend taxi squads if you have similar owners. If it’s just to test the waters simple 1QB, 2Rb, 3WR, few FLEX. NO KICKER DST.

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