First time dynasty superflex, advice?

What’s up footclan, I’m joining a 12 man superflex dynasty league and am looking for startup draft advice.
We start 1 QB 2 RB 3 WR 1 TE 1SUPERFLEX. Half point PPR, 10 bench spots 2 IR. No K no DST.
Just looking for some general advice for the draft, roster construction, etc. Any advice helps

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Hey Nicholas,

I have played in quite a few Superflex leagues, they definitely take a bit of adjusting from traditional PPR leagues. QB’s are going to be the most valuable asset by far. I would suggest trying to draft rounds 1-2 with either a RB or WR and potentially start looking for your QB in round 3 or 4 depending on if anyone else has taken a QB.
Once the QB’s start going, make sure to grab at least one of the top 10 guys, and then get a top 20 guy, while looking for a good spot to grab one of the rookie QB’s in the later rounds.
You can never go wrong with a QB because they hold so much trade value if you have multiple.


Thanks dude! Really appreciate the advice. Been doing a couple mocks and since I have the 1.11 I’ve been taking a QB with my second pick usually. Huge QB runs have screwed my draft before the the 3rd pick before. Thanks a ton dude!

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No problem! Glad you are able to get some mocks in before the real thing! I learned the hard way about the QB runs lol!

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