First time fantasy player who also owns david johnson

This my first time playing fantasy football. I’m in a 10 man PPR and I am one of the many upset David Johnson owners. My RBs in general aren’t great either. I’ve got Darren Sproles and Chris Johnson right now and that’s all. I’ve got Amari Cooper and John Brown in the WR slots with Cooper Kupp running my FLEX right now.

Someone offered me a trade this week: Aaron Rodgers for Todd Gurly, I have Jameis Winston on My bench. Should I take this trade?

I feel that you could get a better RB for Rodgers as well as a WR 3 with the RB

I think you can get a better rb as well. Rodgers is the top QB. Maybe trade him for a freeman, Gordon, Murray

Great! Thanks for the input

Dont take that, BUT you do have winston who will have a great year. Try and get a better RB for him.