First Time in 2QB League

Hey guys would love some feedback from those of you who have experience drafting in a 2QB league. It’s a 10 teamer w a flex. Standard scoring. What have you had the best success with in terms of how you target the qb’s? Thanks!

I’m always trying to target two QBs in the 10-20 range, and then take a later round pick on QBs 20-30.

My 2 QB teams are usually a lot of Trubisky, Dak, Rivers, Cousins, those types of guys with my first two QB picks, with my third being in the Darnold, Allen, Foles, Stafford range.

I also don’t really concern myself with the round I’m taking a QB at, I focus on how many QBs are left, so once about 8-10 are drafted, that’s when I’ll start to think about drafting them.

Admittedly - I’m more concerned about when the “run” hits and not being part of some upside guys. I agree that targeting your first in that 10-15 range is good. Then slide down to the high teens range. There will always be unsexy players available that perform. Think Rivers/Cousins/Stafford.

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I’m going to play a little devils advicate to the other posts here to provide another perspective.

QB’s are typically the highest scoring position, and at the very least the most consistent. That’s why i would argue that taking one of those top 5 guys early (rodgers, mahomes, Newton ect) really solidifies your first spot, and then picking up one of those 10-15 guys (trubisky, dak, cousins) makes it so your essentially set it and forget it with the exception of bye weeks. At that point, depending on what’s left, you could just stream best available guy from waivers.

If his league is anything like mine ALL QB’s will be gone and any rookie’s with a path to playing time. I’ve never seen anything to stream.

When I take a QB is more about the run for me. If I have some good players already and I can splurge on a top QB in the 5-6 I might.

I’ve had a ton of success in my 2Qb league wating til round 3 at the earliest to take a Qb and usualyl later. then take 3 in row.

However our league is a full PPR and only 4pt passing TD’s so Qb’s are devalued a some.

I like getting 3-4 guys in the 8-20 (qb taken range) and streaming them