First Time Keeper Dilemma!

its a 12 team PPR and here are my choices:

David Johnson - lose 1st and 7th
Joe Mixon - lose 1st
Travis Kelce - lose 2nd

any advice is welcome…

Do you have to keep anyone? Because all of these are at face value or more. DJ you even have to give up two picks.

To be honest I would keep Kelce just because the position depth is so low.

I lean Mixon due to age personally. Though a 1st is a little high for him. If you only lost a 1st for DJ that’s the pick, but the 7th really messes with that.

Well your first problem is losing two picks for DJ. Who came up with that rule? Don’t let them suggest any others lol.

Idk if I’d be keeping any of these to be honest. DJ would be my choice if it were just a 1st. But I guess if you have to keep one I’d go Kelce in the 2nd since it’s full PPR.

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Thanks for the help! Yeah, I hate the losing 2 picks for a first rounder. If I keep anyone it may be kelce.

What is your draft position. If you are picking late 2nd round I would keep Kelce.