First time keeper help!

12 team league, point per first down (instead of per reception), 2 RB, 2 WR, 2 Flex. Keepers are based on their current ADP. I have the 7th pick, and this is my first time doing keepers! Any advice would be super helpful!

Ertz in the 3rd?
Pettis in the 11th?
OBJ in the first?

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How many keeeper are you required to choose?

I’ll be frank, those aren’t great options. Are you OK to post other players and there potential keeper rounds?

If it has to be one than I’m choosing Pettis in the 11th.


Ya those aren’t great options :confused: OBJ in the first is tough value. That being said, I’m shorting Pettis all day every day this year. But 11th round value isn’t terrible for him.

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There’s always the option of keeping no one, but Pettis in the 11th is probably your best bet.

I am only required to keep one! I was thinking Pettis in the 11th as well, but ya… this team was honestly terrible last year. I struggled hard Hahahahahahaha.