First time keeper league advice

As the title says, we’ve just switched to keepers- you get 2 for a round above draft (plus other rules)
I’ll be picking 14th in a 14 man (#footclanchamp) 0.5 PPR league.

I’ve narrowed it down to:
Michael Thomas 1st
Derrick Henry 2nd
Kyler Murray 9th
Courtland Sutton 11th
Darren Waller 14th.

I’m leaning to Thomas and Henry- can’t see myself getting anything close to that at the 14th and 15th pick, but open to suggestions, and general tips for future keepers!

Have you mocked this out by chance and try to input your best guesses on other teams keepers? I would personally think Henry for the 2nd and Murray in the 9th is a great value. Thomas is great, but in 1/2 PPR easier to replace than those other 2

I’ve done a few mocks, and the best outcomes seem to be either Thomas/Henry or Henry/Murray, which makes sense from what you’re saying.

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