First time keeper league. HELP

I was in a keeper league last year. Need to keep three

Is keeping a QB a no no. My two locks are D Adams and Godwin. L Jackson was my QB

My RBs were garbage last year. D Freeman and Michel were my starters most is the year.

Is it ok to keep Lamar?

10 team full point ppr. Standard qb scoring.

You can get a QB first round if you want. But Adams and Goodwin won’t be there.

If you dont have a good Rb to keep I would say keep Lamar

Is there a keeper round penalty? Or are these essentially your first three picks?


No penalty, essentially are first three picks then it’s a redraft the remainder of our teams.

Not super flex, 2 RB, 2wr and 2 flex spots., Te and def.

For my third keeper, it would come down to Jackson, D Freeman, M Sanders, Michel or Moestert

Hate not having a running back but I don’t feel any of them are good enough to keep over Jackson. Maybe Sanders. .

Usually I’m 100% against keeping a qb unless it’s for a 10th rounder or super flex, but getting LJ for pretty much a 3rd rounder is tempting however I’m going with Sanders if you go into the draft forcing yourself to have to grab rbs starting at the 4th round could be bad. Do you know your draft position yet?

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I don’t know draft position. It is set and the commissioner will let me know later today. He didn’t have it with him.

So I’m drafting 4th.

Bad situation to be In.

Why bad? In a keeper league like this an early pick seems preferable.

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I’m really tempted to keep Lamar. Essentially it would be like drafting him in the third round. Getting him in the third round this year is decent value.

But ultimately I can’t do that with out a RB as one of my other two Keepers.

Think my third keeper has to be Miles Sanders and hope he really is the bell cow this year. Do the late round qb strategy and ride the steam.