First time Keeper league question

hey its my first time in a keeper league and I was hoping i could get some of your thoughts.
Which two should I keep? (also already keeping melvin gordon for a 2nd)
tyreek for 5th
larry fitz for 6th
derrick henry for 10th
evan engram for 16th
marquise goodwin for 16th
Juju for 16th

right now im currently thinking Juju but not sure for the third person. also i know henry is probably behind dion lewis but if he somehow becomes the starter then he becomes a great value in the 10th?
it is a 10 team 3WR PPR league
thanks for the help all!!

Juju and Engram.

Assuming you can keep indefinitely. Engram within 2-3 years has potential to be the top TE in the league.

can only keep players for three years max. what are your thoughts on tyreek or fitz? i know im getting good value if i kept either of them but fitz is bound to fall off eventually and i dont know if tyreek will be able to replicate last year with a rookie qb now?

Fitz has one year left so I’m probably passing on him. Tyreek for a 5th is good value but not great. And there are too many question marks in that offense. I’d rather have JuJu and Engram for basically no cost.

bump for thoughts

Goodwin is rising in ADP and could be the #1 guy, in a 3 WR league I’m guessing they are valued a little more? I don’t really like Henry or Hill (he’s in for regression like the guys talked about on WR rankings podcast the other day). Depending on where Fitz is going in your draft he could be a bit of value. But Goodwin and his value would be my pick.

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Engram for sure. Probably Goodwin over JuJu based on volumn

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