First time keepers help?!

What’s up FOOTCLAN,
PPR pick two
Mahomes for a 2
M.Gordon for a 4
Deebo for a 5
Waller for a 6
Curtis Samuel for a 10
I lean Mahomes n Waller but I don’t know how to find the best value.

What’s your pick number? Waller for sure. Likely Mahomes but not if early 2 rounder imo

Not sure the draft order yet but I didn’t really think about that. Yeah I will keep Waller and if I get and early draft pick I’ll probably keep Mahomes, I’ve always gone late round QB but I got him in the third and it’s so great having a lock at QB every week

Mahomes and Waller. Mahomes for a 2 is high but having an advantage at QB and TE is something I always go for.

I was thinking the same thing about Mahomes and Waller then I literally and just draft Wr/Rb all day without worrying about when to dive in to take a late Qb or TE.
Mahomes and Waller are locks next year right?!