FIRST-TIME Poster: Am I crazy for wanting to TRADE EZEKIEL (in a Dynasty)?

New FootClan member here. Wondering if I’m crazy to be considering trading Ezekiel Elliot in a dynasty league. I’m considering offering him for Ajayi, Terrelle Pryer and the 1.06 rookie draft pick. Your thoughts and input would be appreciated. Thanks.


Welcome @dclausen!

Any player is tradable, sure… but there are few players (Odell and…) who will cost more in dynasty than Zeke. Looking at your proposed trade…

  • What does the rest of your roster look like? What’re your needs?

  • I’d ask for more, regardless. At least one more good draft pick, maybe even 2. (Like a 2018 2nd and a 2019 1st.) Worst they can do is negotiate you down.

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Thanks Mr. ButterFace. Rest of my squad is:

Cousins / Roethlisberger

CJ Anderson / Dev. Booker / Rawls / Smallwood

Crowder / Diggs / Edelman / Hilton / Treadwell

Delanie Walker

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Zeke is a very unique piece. I don’t think you’re getting enough.

Consider focusing on blue chip receivers since this is a dynasty and they have longer careers.

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i see what you are trying to do now that i see your teams makeup. and i get it, if you can get a replacement-ish RB and another top end (maybe?) WR you just upgraded your team and got more depth from rookies. its a smart play, but you most definitely can get more. your targets should be the win now guys. guys who have plenty of depth but are missing that oomph guy to get them over the top. now the ultimate question you need to ask yourself is, do i want to win right now or later? because you can probably get a guy to unload a bunch oy young talent for him and plan for the future. or, if you want the win now side you can broker a trade for someone like, jordy nelson and demarco murray. those are 2 big win now players, but maybe not so much soon. and you could still probably get some draft picks out of it. honestly though if its me in your shoes, i probably try to trade for 2 RBs. you really only had Zeke and your WRs really are not bad at all.

after all my ramblings are done my end point is made… it is not crazy at all to trade him. in fact i encourage you to do so now when hype on him is still high. just my humble opinion.

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Completely agree with @BusterD and @Mr_ButterFace (I like bringing them in because I argue with them a lot in other threads)

What I would ask you to consider is consistency. Zeke is a hugely reliable piece in a dynasty league, and you are trying to trade him for 3 risky pieces. Food for thought.

After looking over your WR core I wonder if you have to trade Zeke at all. My advice would be to find another team that has depth at the RB position, but needs help at WR. You can afford to lose something there. I would suggest seeing what RBs you can get for Edelman or Diggs.

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Completely agree.

Seeing your squad, @dclausen, your WRs are pretty strong already, while your RBs could use another young prospect. What spot is your 1st round pick this year?

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Would keep Zeke there. Not close for me and I looooove Jay Ajayi.


@brookscarmean HAS SPOKEN!

You’re not crazy cause I traded David Johnson, but like everyone has said, if you’re gonna do it get more.

I made this trade in my dynasty earlier.

Team A receives;
RB David Johnson - ARI
WR Corey Coleman - CLE

Team Chris of the Footclan receives;
2017 1.01
2017 1.06
2018 1st Round Draft Pick
WR Stefon Diggs - MIN

I decided to go full rebuild with having the 1.04, and I know DJ is such a talent, but I picked up 3 firsts for him, giving me 7 1st round picks in 2017 and 2018 combined.

In case anyone was wondering, I took Corey Davis at 1.01 and Joe Mixon at 1.04 and Mike Williams at 1.06