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First time poster, how does my draft look?


Hey community!

First time poster but have been following the forum for quite some bit and found it quite useful at times last season so wanted to jump on board and join the community. This is my first post so I apologise if its in the wrong section!

Any advice from my draft would be greatly appreciated

I had the 11th pick in a 12 man reverse draft PPR, My picks went as followed

1 - Jordy Nelson
2 - DeMarco Murray
3 - Alshon Jeffery
4 - Jordan Reed
5 - Mike Gillislee
6 - Donte Moncrief
7 - Pierre Garcon
8 - Kareem Hunt
9 - Samaje Perrine
10 - Corey Coleman
11 - Jameis Winston
12 - Cam Newton
13 - Jags D/ST
14 - Adam Vinateri

QB: Cam Newton, Jameis Winston
WR: Jordy Nelson, Alshon Jeffery, Pierre Garcon, Donte Moncrief, Corey Coleman
RB: Demarco Murray, Mike Gillislee, Samaje Perine, Kareem Hunt,
TE: Jordan Reed
Kicker: Adam Vinatieri
Defence: Jaguars

Also what are people thoughts on Moncrief and Coleman ceiling this year.


Looks pretty decent. It is almost a certainty that Kareem Hunt takes over. I believe Perine will, and Gillislee…he’s hurt now. And who knows what his role will be, I expect Gill to have the bulk, but Burkhead is looking good this pre-season. So, that leaves you with Murray for an RB1. And he may be you’re only RB at the beginning of the season, and probably mid-season as well that will get volume. That’s not good.
Moncrief, depends on the situation with Luck, and he’s touchdown dependent anyways. Corey Coleman, he’s great, but not a great quarterback situation, sucks. I’m a loyal Cleveland fan, but he will not be drafted by me.
But you drafted two quarterbacks? Is this a two quarterback league? If not, how many bench spots do you have?


Thanks for your reply Ryan!

I drafted both Perine and Hunt with the hope they take over by say week 6 or so, If I can go above 500 in that time then its good because I am confident that those 2 can carry me through the back end of the season.

Moncrief was always a bit of risk if Luck misses the first game, Garcon has an okay match up week 1 against Panthers and a good match up week 2 so will be okay to carry Moncrief until Luck is back to fitness.

Coleman won’t be playing for me in the first 2 weeks as his facing some pretty tough opposition, Week 3 he may get a look in against the Colts but thats if he survives the culling.

It is a 1 QB league, I drafted both my QB back to back as I was thinking of just flexing my QB throughout the season to see if Newton regains that 2015/6 form could be a good steal.

Just mentioning theres not much on the waiver in form of RBs Sims, Ivory, Burkhead, Langford, Proise whilst the WR core isn’t the best either with Hogan, Lee, Perriman, Stills, Doctson and Woods.

So i guess I am happy rolling with 2 QBs and hopefully one of the jump into that high QB value.


It’s not at all a certainty that Hunt takes over. It is a certainty that he will be involved. Honestly, I’m not a huge fan if this team. You have a ton if injury risk players and your #2 RB and WR slots, in particular are big question marks. You may need those lottery tickets to really pan out. I’m also confused by the QB situation. In the draft it says you took Cam and Winston, and on the depth chart you have Cam and Wilson?


Thanks for your feedback DFWB

Made a slight error there drafted Wilson in my auction league and stuffed up but no I do have Winston and Cam.

Yeah alot of risks, Didn’t have the best of drafts Alot of questions marks and pieces have to fit for me to make playoffs.

RB2 is a big issue and make look at snapping Burkhead of the waivers to help cover Gillislee.


I usually don’t live handcuffs, but in this cade, I’d drop my kicker (if league rules allow) and snag Burkhead, at least until you have more information regarding usage.


I like Prosise a lot in ppr.


Agreed regarding Procise. I didn’t see that name. I honestly might consider dropping Winston and your kicker for Burkhead and Procise. You real need help at RB and a second QB is not necessary (they can always be found on the Waiver wire). I expect a big bounce back from Cam (full disclosure, I’m a Panthers fan, so this is possible homerism) and Winston has not proven himself fantasy relevant to this point in his career. Most notably, they started winning games when he stopped throwing so much the second half of last season. Just my $.02.


Just out of curiosity guys where do you see CJ and Burkhead? Will both end up a Low end RB3 high end RB2?

Newton faces some tough opposition in the opening 5 weeks or so.


Very average team. You need a lot of luck to be competitive. Drafted a TE way too early, you should have gotten more depth at the RB or WR position in the 4th round. Prob didn’t need to draft Cam either.


Anderson and Burkhead are huge question marks. Could fall anywhere from RB2-5. Burkhead likely in the lower end of that.

I’d have taken Cam and let someone else reach for Winston.


And yes, Reed in the 4th is very questionable.


I really hope you’re right about Cam. I drafted him in my draft last night in the 9th round (Standard) as I typically wait late in the 11 or 12 round to draft a QB. I saw cam sitting there in the 9th and had to grab him. I hope I didn’t reach for him. He finally has a new toy in Mccaffrey I just hope Cam is back to some kind of form. The remaining QBs on waivers are Carson Palmer, Eli Manning, Jay Cutler :frowning: what are your thoughts?


Worst case scenario, you stream bases in matchups. I suspect more will become available however , as RBs and WRs go down on teams that are hording QBs.