First-Time Poster - Trade Advice Please

Hey friends,

First-time poster here and need some trade advice. I just starting listening to the podcast and love it. I’m going to attempt to attach a screenshot of my team and trade offer.

I was offered Crowell & Kearse for Henry & Thielen.

I’m leaning towards no b/c I’m so thin at TE, but I’m also fairly thin at RB and Crowell is an intriguing get. I think I’m pretty deep at WR too so I can afford to lose Thielen, but don’t love Kearse and his team/QB situation even though his game script is promising.

Thoughts? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Trade Offer|482x500

I would say no to this trade… The 2 RBs you have starting already are better than Crow in my opinion plus you have D.Henry on your bench… Crowell just hasnt impressed me this season and I feel like Henry is about turn the hell up now that Gates got his TD… I say no


you are really deep at WR… I would wait a week or 2 and see if you can shop one of them for a better RB… Thats what I would do

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Thanks Dingus!

I have similar thoughts to you on both posts. I drafted Henry and really like his upside. I just don’t know if Buck or Henry will continue to produce like they did last week.

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Bump for some more advice please :slight_smile:

I’m with @Dingus. I wouldn’t take the trade. Both players he’s offering you are on very struggled offenses. I would rather stay with who you have :+1:t2:

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Thanks @Mighty_Mikings

Do the deal. Crow has gone up against two of the best defenses in the league and is going to be getting more touches going forward.

Editting because I didn’t realize this is Hunter Henry we are trading. You have todo it. Clay could be just as good as him and Running back depth is never a bad thing. Will be able to trade Crowell for a lot more than him in a couple weeks.

lets look at this from this perspective. take the WRs out, they basically wash. would you trade an RB2 for a TE1? me personally, hell yes. i dont care if you never start because carson and allen go nuts. RBs get hurt. and they get hurt a LOT. having more depth is always a good thing, especially when your 2 starts are guys who JUST showed up, and can easily stop producing at any time. and its not like you are losing a ton of production at TE. charles clay will produce for you. so yeah im all over it.

Thanks @brian_leadbetter & @BusterD.

More to think about now. I officially declined the trade, but I’m sure he’d talk more if I wanted to.

I’m not buying the WRs are a wash. Thielen has Bradford throwing to him which is much better than the Jets QB situation. The more I think about it though the more I like Clay and might be able to give up Henry.

Woof. I worry about this stuff too much :laughing:

Also dont get too high on theilen. It was one game vs a bad D. Sure Bradford is better, but is theilen better? That part is yet to be seen.

I’m fairly confident in saying that Thielen is a better football player than Kearse. That doesn’t automatically mean he’s a better fantasy though.

That is a very fair point. And i agree with that 100%

I approve the trade… The Crow adds RB value and depth to your squad

Thanks again guys.

I’m liking this feedback.

I’m thinking about countering by replacing Kearse w Zach Miller so I get some TE depth back.