First time posting, Watkins or Paul Richardson?

My matchup today is both of us 3-0 to start the season, wanna really get to 4-0, need help with my wr2 spot, I like Richardson to see some action in the Sunday Nighter but with Sean lee out today can Sammy Watkins get some big points? Also having a hard time between Chris Carson and CJ Anderson in my rb2 spot also but probably gonna go Carson for the bigger upside with more touches… thanks

I will play Watkins

This one comes down to matchups for me… Watkins seems to be the safer play with more guaranteed volume. Also a proven WR1 which is more than we can say about richardson.

Thanks for the input, I agree with Watkins being the more wr1, just wanted to see if anyone really like Richardson this week because of Baldwins condition, it seems like the “experts” online, (Espn, cbs) etc… are possibly sleeping on Richardson so trying To get advice all over haha…