First time with a dynasty league, need help

Sup footclan? Im looking for some input. Next season i am starting up a 10 team dynasty league. I myself have never played in a dynasty before, and just want to get an idea on the basics. Most things will be decided through league votes, but im just trying to have a rough idea of roster sizes for now. I want to try to ensure there will be some balance to the waiver wire, but not have it have so many starters so trading will be active enough. If that makes sense, any input you have would be appreciated. I was going to go with 24 total spots, too much? Too little? Do 170 spots? Is this post too long? Awesome, thanks.

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In our Dynasty league (12 team)…we roster 26 total, (8 active including 2 flex, 18 bench, no DEF, no K
),…we do a “Rookie Draft” every year consisting of 3 rounds RIGHT AFTER the NFL draft…those draft picks are tradeable for up to 3 years in advance…we keep a google spreadsheet with all the info

Hope that helps a little!

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