First time with FAAB, need some pointers

We’ve been doing FF for a while, but this is the first year with FAAB. $100 for the season and playoffs, 12-team standard (Keep 2 players at the expense of one draft pick ahead of where they were drafted).

Here’s my bench players: Doctson (13th round), Perine (12th round), Smallwood (14th round), Britt (9th round, ugh). As you can see I loaded up with potential, not immediate impact.

Who’s available: Tarik Cohen, Kerwynn WIlliams, Buck Allen, Nelson Agholor, Allen Hurns

I’m not adverse to spending a good chunk on a guy I think can contribute for the season. Out of these guys, I’m highest on Cohen or Buck Allen. Pending what happens with DJ, maybe Kerwynn. But I think the DJ owner is gonna spend huge on him depending what the verdict is.

Anyway, I guess the question is how much would you bid on these guys? And who would you cut? I’m leaning towards Perine or Britt.