First timer at Dynasty and Zeke Trade

This is my first ever dynasty league so I am learning the ropes.

Scoring is 7pts for a QB pass TD and 1pt for every 25yds of passing. 6pts for rushing and receiving TD’s. 1pt for every 10yds rushing and receiving. and 1pt PPR.

So… I was just offered R. Wilson, J. Ajayi, C. Hyde and Mike Williams (LAC) for Zeke. I have Bortles, Rivers Trubisky at QB, Zeke, Fournette, Coleman, Celement at RB and Cooks, Aghalor, John Brown, Cobb, Jordy Matthews, Meredith, JJ Nelson, Sammy Watkins and Sterling Shepherd at WR.

I really don’t want to do this trade as I think Zeke will crush it this season and I have players in the other spots that negate the players I would get. Plus that would run my salary up towards our league salary cap. But I have never been offered four players for one player before. Thoughts?

a lot has to go right for this to be worth it. ajayi has to own his backfield, it looks to be trending that way but it is not a lock at all. hyde has to take control of his as well, looking less likely with duke there and they just drafted chubb. mike williams i like, but the highest he will ever be on that team is WR2 unless keenan goes down. i love wilson so im not worried there. i just dont do it. i like ajayi, i dont like hyde. williams is looking at being a high end WR3 in FFB which im good with, but i just dont gain enough value to make it worth giving up a guy who is a top 5 RB pretty much locked in, and could easily be RB1 overall. long term this deal could be worth it. but thats gambling with a player like zeke who you dont have to gamble with at all, you know what he will do VS a bunch of guys that could but could not perform.

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Don’t trade top 10 assets for table scraps. True in redraft, true in Dynasty.