First timer here

Hey guys! As the title says, I’m new to season long fantasy. My draft is this weekend. I just bought the udk. I honestly have no idea how to prep for my draft. It’s standard scoring btw. Help me please lol :sob:

well lets start with the basics. do you know what spot you draft from? how many owners? what kind of league is it? is it PPR or standard?

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Don’t know my spot but I’ll ask right now. Don’t know how many owners I’ll ask right now too. It’s a keeper league so I’m inheriting a team I guess? & it’s standard

ok cool. once you find that sutff out, and who is on your team for you to choose from for keepers (also how many keepers you will have) post here and i will give you what i think.

Print out the cheat sheet for standard scoring with tiers. Draft off of that. Try to build a balanced team, e.g. don’t draft a 3 RBs with your first 3 picks. Wait on a qb, don’t try to draft Rodgers or Brees with an early pick. Also recommend waiting on a TE. Make sure you end up with a lot of RBs on your team. Don’t draft a backup QB or TE.

These are just some general guidelines I’d suggest. But know the rules of your league, if it’s 2 QB or super flex then definitely draft more than 1 QB.

I’m drafting first. The team I inherited has Adrian Peterson, Jordy Nelson, LeSean McCoy, Doug Baldwin, Jordan Reed, Golden Tate, TY Yeldon, Chris Ivory, John Brown, Blake Bortles, Darren Sproles, Torrey Smith, Devontae Booker, Jerick McKinnon, Bengals defense & Graham Gano. He said I have the option to keep one player but that counts as my first pick. It’s 10 owners btw. Thanks for the help BusterD, really appreciate it!

hey no problem, its what these forms are for right? to help each other out.

so, number 1 pick, and you have 2 guys i would consider. the beauty of the first pick is that you get to pick from the pool, so pretty much no matter what you will get the other guy back if you want. unless someone else doesnt keep anyone at all, and they take your guy in the first round. im keeping mccoy though. get that top flight RB taken care of, now you can focus on other positions.

the other person om looking at on your team is nelson. i would want him back pretty bad. he is a great compliement to mccoy. the other thing you can look into, is if trading players for picks is a thing in your league. because you have some selling power with having both of them.

im guessing its PPR? most leagues are these days. so once you figure out who you want to keep, the next step is draft day. my rule of thumb, is in the first three rounds, be as safe as possible while still getting the most bang for your buck. its why i would keep mccoy. he has injury concerns, but his bang is to valueble to let drop to someone else. but im talking about people like antonio brown, and OBJ. people you know will produce and stay healthy. your first three rounds are the most important. i cant tell you how many teams i have had that have been ruined by getting greedy in the second round and going for a high risk guy. last year it was taking brandon marshall at the end of the second. yeesh that did not go well. but after that i start looking to reach a little bit on players i believe in. which you will have to reach, being at the turn there are a lot of picks to go after your 2 picks. i always at least try to keep my first 3 picks mixed between RBs and WRs. instead of just buying in bulk at one position. my BIGGEST suggestion though, do not touch QBs or TEs until late. way late. your depth at RB and WR is far more important than getting a top flight QB or TE.

these are just a few pointers and "what i would do"s. i could go on and on, but i wont unless you have any questions haha. because i will talk for ever if you let me. anyway, good luck! hope this helps and all works out!

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I’m assuming they are doing a snake draft correct? If they are, this means ultimately you have the 10th overall pick. They sure shafted you here. I’m assuming every person has a player worth keeping, meaning the 10th overall pick now has the #1 overall pick. Also, I’m assuming no matter who is kept from a team, if you keep someone, you lose your first round pick correct? No matter who they are or when they were drafted the previous year?

Anyways, assuming David Johnson will be kept by an owner I would just keep Mccoy. He is my #2 RB overall with Zeke’s suspension and Bell being MIA. If David johnson for some reason is not kept, I do not keep anyone and draft DJ 1st overall.

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Yeah pretty much lol. McCoy, Jordy or #1 pick. Idk what route to go tbh. McCoy & Jordy went close to the same round in some mock drafts but in a keeper league (imma noob lol) idk how valuable a #1 pick is

the rounds are still the same.but the value of players changes. older players become less valueable as they get older. which is why one thing you might consider is taking a bunch of later round rookie fliers to maybe catch some lightning in a bottle and get you a young keeper for years to come.

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Very very true! I should def research these new rooks and hopefully bag a good one on draft day

I think you stick with Mccoy for your first pick (if you are deciding between him and Jordy). I think WR is much deeper than RB. I would rather have Mccoy and probably Amari Cooper or TY Hilton than Jordy Nelson and Leonord Fournette.

At 10 Cooper/Hilton are the WR expected to be there (if everyone drafts a WR before you) and Fournette/Gurley) are the RB. I like those WR more than I like those RB so I would keep Mccoy and draft a WR.

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Does that change your opinion if I say that if I keep a player I lose my number 1 pick