First top doing Superflex

Hi, this year will be my first time doing a Superflex. Just wondering if I could get some advice and pointers? Thanks!

My usual strategy in my 2 QB league is

Get 1 guy early-ish who can be top 5, then get 2 guys late that you can stream. I still wait for Qb’s to start going before i draft one

2 years ago i took Wilson as the 8th QB off board, he finished 1, and don’t remember who the other guys i played were, placed 3rd

last year in the championship i rolled out Jameis and Josh Allen, had drafted neither. Lost because Gordon sat and he picked up CJ Anderson.

NOTE: our league is full ppr and 4pts per TD, so i think it devalues the traditional 2 Qb theory you have to get them early, so i still play with fire some in waiting and going have higer end WRs adn RBs in early rounds.

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