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First trade of the season


Team 1 trades
Jordy Nelson
Darren McFadden (Team 2 has Zeke)
Jamison Crowder

Team 2 trades
Terrelle Pryor
Thomas Rawls
Eddie Lacy

Is this trade as bad as I think it is? We recently changed from no voting on trades, LM veto only (which I’m for) but this trade just happened involving the LM. Thoughts?


It’s pretty terrible but who cares. My league someone just traded Cam Newton for Brandin Cooks. It’s stupid imo but the guy trading for Cam said he didn’t believe in Cooks and thought Cam would have a bounce back year. It’s like that’s all possible so why’d you draft Cooks in the 3rd and not Cam? Cam didn’t get drafted til the 7th. Can’t fix stupid but if it’s not collusion you can’t do anything.