First two picks in 2020 Dynasty League draft

My team is T. Brady, J. Jones, JuJu, OBJ, T. Boyd, B. Cooks, J. Mixon, D. Montgomery, J. Howard, K. Hunt, G. Kittle and Z. Ertz.

I have the first two picks in this years draft. I am thinking about drafting Edwards-Helaire and J. Taylor. Standard league scoring.

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What does QB situation look like on waivers? If Viable QBs on waiver stick with CEH and Taylor. If waiver dry grab CEH and trade back from the 1.02 for a younger QB and their 1st round pick to grab another RB or WR.

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Unless you are in a Super Flex league, I would go in on RB. Since you are not in a PPR league, I would make a tweak. I would go JT and Dobbins. Those two were tops before landing spots in many cases, but CEH jumped due to KC signing. That makes sense. It really makes sense in PPR. You are not getting the bonus for receptions so a big part of CEH’s value goes away.

JT is an awesome RB and in a great place for him to do what he does best. Dobbins is the best all around RB IMHO from this class. Being on BAL, they are likely not a strong passing team so he will be getting his more on the ground as well. Both IND and BAL have super strong o-lines. I think they will out perform CEH in the run game.

Basically, if you are not getting the bonus for passing, I think CEH will be depressed in his value ceiling. JT and Dobbins get boosts due to no reception bonuses. Not saying you need to move off of CEH, but given the league type I would at least consider it. I hope this helps!

CEH is being drafted 35 overall in ppr. He is being drafted 23 overall in standard because of his ability to be a 3 down back, he has a dream landing spot and has way more upside than any other rookie in draft no matter the format. Tayler is going 42 overall in standard Dobbins is sitting firmly around 105 overall