First two picks quesion

I am in a 10 man, PPR, 2 keeper league drafting in the 7 spot. Roster design is 1QB, 2RB, 3WR/TE, 1FLEX, 1DEF, 1K, 7Bench. My keepers are Theo Riddick for a 10th round and Matt Ryan for a 15th.

Which of these player pairs would you rather go with:

  1. Jordy Nelson and Jordan Howard
  2. Lesean McCoy and Rob Gronkowski/TY Hilton

2nd round level players who are not available include Michael Thomas, Melvin Gordon, and DeMarco Murray

Out of those, I like the 2nd option. But I think your 2nd round pick is a bit too early for gronk.

I would take Shady and the best available receiver. (Hilton scares me a bit with the Luck uncertainty)

Thats the problem, TY Hilton and Gronk will most likely be the best available. I figure with taking Shady in the first round and having Theo at a steal that I can draft 2 WR in the 3rd and 4th rounds to gain ground at that position.

I actually love the Gronk pick if he is available. Then go best available rb or wr just remembering to pick up a good back up TE in a late round. If you can Flex tight end Gronk will blow away anyone else’s flex while you are still competitive at TE

We dont have a designated TE spot so Gronk would be treated link a WR. I’m thinking Gronk won’t be a bad pickup since so many players I normally would go after in the 2nd round wont be available since they are being kept.

I’m also considering going RB/RB in the first round since they are going to be super scarce and I can just go hog on WR for the next 5 rounds since I wont need a QB having Matt Ryan as my 15th pick

#2 is my pick

If Shady isn’t available would you go Devante Freeman and Gronk/TY Hilton or Jordy Nelson and
Jordan Howard?

I’d go with Gronk. Yea, he’s risky for such an early pick, but if he plays all year, that’s a ton of points. If he gets injured, just pick up someone else off the waivers(WR since you don’t have a TE spot) who can make up the difference. The only TE I can imagine drafting in your format would be Gronk and MAYBE Jordan Reed

Since you don’t need a TE I wouldn’t reach for Gronk. Don’t think you can go wrong but if its option two I’d go Shady and Hilton. Gronk although amazing has the added injury risks

I’ve got a keeper question if you don’t mind weighing in?