First year dynasty owner , looking for tips and tricks before my start up draft tomorrow

Any pointers from the experienced dynasty footclan members.

Pick 2nd in the start up

Any tips or thoughts would Be greatly appreciated

My advice is pray you get Hopkins.

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You have a great pick at 2 so you will have a multitude of options. After that you need to look for the best player available and always choose youth if you are trying to decide between two players. Also don’t hesitate to pick up vets if they really start to fall. I was a first year dynasty player last year and lost in the championship so anything is possible. Good luck.

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haha word thanks, im hoping for dhop but will happily take OBJ the future HOF

I would say don’t worry so much about being young that your team isn’t any good this year. You have to find a happy medium between youth and talent. Hopkins, OBJ, or Gurley would be great at #2.

i always say go into any draft with the same mentality. which is plan plan plan. i go into any draft with at least 3 plans i can switch between. then ill bruce lee that shit and be like water. any plan you make is subject to change once the draft gets going. so have plans and contingencies, but be water. be adaptable. change what you are doing based off of trends and what you know of your league mates.

and then of course tier based drafting… thats the only way to do any draft.


As my inner nerd would say in the words of Captain Cold: “Make the plan. Execute the plan. Expect the plan to go off the rails. Throw away the plan.”

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lmao thanks fellas, appreciate it

If you keep the pick, Hopkins or OBJ are the locks for your two options. However, I would at least listen to offers to trade back (but it needs to be a LOT. For reference, I had 1.10 in a recent draft (12 team) and traded it for a mid 2nd round (don’t remember the exact number), a 3rd, and a 5th. So I basically got 2 extra top 50 players and ended up getting the guy I was considering taking at 10 anyway.

Now, obviously, you need a good deal for than that for the 1.02, and I’d be surprised if you got it, but it never hurts to listen.

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To follow up in this, if you trade back early, you’ll likely end up with extra picks. These can sometimes be used to move up or back into the earlier rounds. I’ve ended up filling out my entire 8 spot starting lineup and a couple of bench spots before pick 50 (12 team league). The important thing to remember is that of you’re giving up the earlier pick, you’re in theory giving up the better player, and should therefore expect a premium. The opposite is obviously therefore true if you’re trying to move up.

were not allowing draft pick trading until after the inaugural draft, otherwise id be taking up your strategy and trying to load up with picks

Well that takes a good bit of the fun out :frowning:

I’ve heard it been said the the easiest league to win, is a dynasty league in the 1st year. The reason is that so many people are so concerned with youth, that they let talented players slip because there’s some shiny second year player that everyone just knows is going to break out. Guys like AJ Green will fall way further than you expect because someone fell in love with Corey Davis or some other young guy. Now, I’m not saying grab all the old guys you can, but just be aware that this is a thing.


Also very true, and good advise.

solid! yeah im not too afraid to take the best player available even if theres a guy 3 or 4 years younger a little further down on my list… hoping that this scenario happens in my league and i can scoop some value in the middle rounds

My suggestions:

  1. Wait on QB (unless it is Superflex). You can win without an elite QB.
  2. Use a 2-3 window to evaluate a players.
  3. Know that your roster will/could look completely different in 1-2 years.

During my first year and into the off-season I was overly attached to my own players. Once I learned to let go, trades became easier and I was able to improve my team. After 1.5 years I had only one player from the first 7 rounds.

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One last piece of advise: use the pre-set rankings to your advantage, but also don’t be afraid to ‘reach’ a bit for ‘your guy’. You may think that guy will be there next round, but in a competitive dynasty league, they very well may not be.

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thanks fellas, heres my team so far if yall are interested(slow draft)

1.02 todd gurley
2.11 joe mixon
3.02 carson wentz
4.11 alshon jeffrey
5.02 doug baldwin
6.11 Larry Fitzgerald
7.02 Alex Collins
8.11 Trey Burton
9.02 Kenny Golladay

Open to suggestions for what to do from here…kinda have a good feeling thus far (win now mode)

Had a couple guys sniped from me but thats what happens (alex collins is my eh pick)

Def setup for win now. I would focus on youth in upside WR during the next few rounds- continue on from Golladay.


10.11 martavis bryant
11.02 josh doctson
12.11 Curtis samuel
13.02 big ben

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