First year dynasty question (first post too)

Alright my fellow foot clan members,

Started my first dynasty league and had a decent draft. I’m just wondering if I may have messed up with a double stack. This is a full ppr super flex league, meaning we can flex a Qb in addition to the standard flex. My stacks are Mahomes/Hill and Rivers/Allen. Should I avoid one stack and search for a different Qb? Tips on this and other Dynasty aspects are greatly appreciated.

Rest of the team:

L. Miller
J. Connor
J. Wilkins
D. Foreman
S. Ware

D. Hamilton

T. Boo boo

Lamar Jackson

I think you will regret not getting another viable starter at QB, Jackson is a nice stash but I doubt he plays this year as long as Ravens are competitive. The team itself looks nice aside from that. If there are any Decent QB options available you might consider adding them for Ware or Hamilton. I’d lean Ware with your roster being fairly deep at RB.

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Thank you for the input! The top 3 free agent QB’s are Tyrod, Keenum, Bortles. Maybe push for a trade of Ware to the Hunt owner?

That could be a decent option, its not a bad idea to see if you can get like a 3rd for him which would open the roster spot to add another QB. I cant believe Those three guys are all available in a Superflex. Bortles or Keenum should be the play IMO.

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I’d drop Ware and pick up another viable QB starter. If Mahomes or Rivers goes down you’re fucked. I personally like the upside of Tyrod this year.

That’s a pretty shallow dynasty - how many spots?

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I like Ty too and am a Broncos fan who has some trust in Keenum and the wr’s there. It’s a 26 player team with IDP that I’ve excluded.