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First year IDP, looking for advice/suggestions


So this year we voted to replace kickers with 1 IDP. How important are they?

Im in a full PPR league and im thinking that im not even gonna bother drafting an IDP. my thought is there are so many players i could just pick up in waivers since i only start 1.

I just see value in picking up another wr/rb etc. Since we are drafting on Aug.20th i still have 2 weeks for players to prove themselves in preaseaons etc.

With that said im looking at the stats for IDP’s and like 5 or 6 scored over 200 points which is like a WR2 in my full PPR league.




how many teams are in your league?


12-team league


I wouldn’t get an IDP before round 6 20 PM
Those to me are the luxury players specially the first 4 I’d personally go get them before QB and maybe even TE if there are still enough good TEs that could make it back to me