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First year keeper help needed


I have the 7th pick and can keep two keepers in a .5ppr 10 team league.

Should I keep?:

Shady -1st round
Aj green-2nd round
Howard-2nd round
Lamar Miller-3rd round
Crabtree-4th round
Doug Martin-7th round

Thanks for the help fellow Footclan members!


There’s not a ton of value to be had here. Based on ppr adp, Shady is a 1st round pick, Howard is a second, Miller is a 4th and Crabtree is a 5th. So you are getting McCoy and Howard at value and giving up value for Miller and Crabtree.

First exception is Green. He’s a first round talent and you get him for a second rounder. Take him.

Your second will depend on your league a bit. There is value with Doug Martin, who is currently going in the 5th. But what you need to do is project the rest of your league’s keepers. How many of the top end guys (ie D Johnson, Bell, A Brown, J Jones, Beckham, etc) will be kept for late round picks? Then look at what will likely be available for you at the 1.07 pick. If you can get a guy in the same tier as McCoy with your pick, then take the value with Martin. If there’s a bunch of top end talent being kept late, and your 1.07 pick will get you a lesser talent, you might want to just keep McCoy.

One last caveat. You have both Green and Howard for a second. Can you keep both, and if so what happens then? Because if you can keep Green for a second and Howard for a 3rd, that might make a lot of sense, despite the fact that I am not big on Howard this year.


Thank you for your input! @Kaiser

I went with shady and martin. We had to use this years ADP on yahoo for the players, and we couldn’t keep two players in the same round. I took Martin in the 8th instead of the 7th. I was wrong on what round he was going in. And I’m fairly confident I can get AJ Green in the second too cause there aren’t many picks to be had by others in the first and second because of the keepers, but I knew I wouldn’t get Shady had I not taken him.

Again thanks for your help and input! I appreciate it