First year league, need advice

I set up a 12-team league this year with friends, most had not played fantasy before. I did not change the settings of the divisions at the time, so the league is comprised of two divisions (I wanted no divisions but oh well). For playoffs, how do you guys set up who makes it? Top 3 from each division? I’ve heard of top 2 from each division and then a wildcard from each division (highest # of points scored). Any pros/cons to these or are there better ways to do it? Thanks!

Hi there,
I’m a Commissioner in my league (2 years experience now)
We have 2 division setup currently and like you I’m not a big fan. The way our playoffs are done is simply best 3 from each division.

I would much prefer no divisions and top 6 teams make it with the tie breaker being Pts scored as well.

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We didn’t clarify how playoffs were going to work at the beginning, so do you think I should just keep it simple and do top 3 from each division advance, or do top 2 and a wildcard from each? I may also just poll the group, but wanted to see what some common approaches were. Thanks for your help!

I’d recommend polling the group. Having owners involved in league decisions really helps with the cohesiveness of the league. I know we vote as a league on any rule changes, format changes etc and it helps a lot. We go by majority rule and while it doesn’t make everyone happy, it’s a great way to keep owners invested in the league.