First year moving to FAAB... any advice?

Hey bud. I remember you from last season.

I have some that seem to be against every single day. Thinking about maybe not opening up FAs but also no processing while games are going on so not processing on Thurs, After Kickoff Sunday until Wed AM so all the news on injuries has time to come in.

0$ bids is key…set a time that works for every one when it process…We do noon est so on Sunday you have until then to make final claims before games start at 1.

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What days do you process it and what days do you not? That is my biggest issue in setting it up. Do you leave players Free Agents at any point doing the week (would seem to defeat the purpose). ?

Should definitely be daily waiver processing. Remove the concept of FA pick ups completely so it removes the luck factor of whoever happens to be on their phone when news breaks.

Would also definitely include 0$ bids.

And my one piece of advice is don’t be scared to spend early. Getting a player off waivers you can use for the entire season early on is worth the spend rather than saving it all for the end. I.e. Last year i spent a 3rd of my budget on Lindsay pretty much immediately after he had a semi decent game. Got to use him for the entire season and was totally worth it.

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