First year PPR Dynasty trade question

First year dynasty and I’ve had a rough go of it. I’ve got someone super interested in Miles Sanders (Eagles fan). I’m 4-5 and desperately trying to get into the playoffs - Need some RB help. I think he’s given up for the season.
My team:
RB: Coleman, Brieda, Walton, Miles Sanders
His team:
RB: Lindsay, Ingram, D Freeman, Bernard
I was going to try to do a straight up trade Sanders for Ingram. Is that worth it? Or do I just hope for Sanders to do well against NE after his bye week.

In dynasty there are obvious reasons not to perform this trade. You are going from a 22 yo to a (soon to be) 30 yo.

If your squad was in a definite playoff contention than I would say make the move. The downside, at the end of the year, is you don’t make the playoffs and have the worse player in the trade. If they truly are high on Sanders they should be willing to give up more than just Ingram. What about Ingram and a 2020 2nd?

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Ok, that escalated quickly. He’s now offered:
Tyreek, Hollywood Brown, and Mark Ingram for Mike Evans, Miles Sanders, and Sterling Shepard.

My receivers are Davante Adams, Mike Williams, Evans, Alshon, Dorsett, Daesean, Shepard

Sure did! Evans is a STUD. I don’t think I would accept the offer as is.

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Thanks - Navigating dynasty is tough. Still trying to figure out how this all works. Do you have concerns that they use Mike Evans less as the season goes by as they are 2-6