First year with FAAB... help be guys

I’m going after Quincy… but I have no Idea how much of my budget to spend.
I’ve got DeAndre, Amari, and Corey Davis already. Is anything over $20 too much to spend?

I would spend about 15-20% of the budget on Enunwa depending on how competitive your league is.

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That’s the way I was leaning. Our league is very competitive, but like I said it’s our first year of FAAB… I’m just concerned that someone will blow their wad week one without thinking about the long term. I’m going to throw $23 at him.

Typically what I’ve seen, first year of FAAB, people are overly conservative in the early weeks. Have this mind set of “Saving my FAAB for later” when realistically, the earlier it is in the season, the more you should be spending given those players can give you more weeks of production.

So in leagues with first year FAAB, i’ve found that I can typically spend less than other leagues who are more experienced with FAAB.

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