First Year with Superflex - Best Draft Strategy?

I have the first pick. I know my league is a little QB happy and that’s in a normal year with just one QB.

I’m afraid of waiting on QB too long. Im thinking of taking my first at the 4/5 turn and my second at the 6/7 turn…is this too risky?

We are 12 team 1/2 PPR and starting 3WR in addition to the Superflex and normal flex spots.


In a superflex league, I wouldn’t want to come out of the 3rd round (4th at the very latest) with at least one QB I like. I think that you might be surprised at how many qb’s will go in the 1st two rounds. Ultimately, you have to decide if you want to be ahead of, or react to the “run” on qb’s. Once it starts, they come flying off the board. The influx of rookie/2nd year qb’s makes this a very interesting year to start a superflex as well. Who knows what those qb’s will become. Good luck.