First zero RB draft.. how I do?

10 team 2qb league (2wr 2rb 1te 1 flex)

Rodgers (1)
Smith (6)
Bradford (12)

Michael Thomas (2)
Thielen (4)
Fitzgerald (5)
Marvin Jones (7)

Lynch (8)
J. Williams (9)
Coleman (10)
Michel (11)
Murray (13)

Gronk (3)

Was quite the ride. Never drafted like this before. Sacrificed getting Lev bell to do it but got to have fun right haha *Edited to fix draft order error

I was in love with your team until I read that you passed up Leveon Bell lol I would have went Bell first round over Rodgers, even if it is a 2 QB league, I think that will come back to haunt you this season. But best of luck to you!

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And by in love with your team, I’m referring to how much I liked it if you were going to use the zero RB concept.

Yeah was tough decision but to be honest I’m kind of fearful of the drama with Bell and Steelers this year. I was actually leaving DJ over Bell which kind of made the decision easier.

Also because it was 10 team I was confident I could get good rb options later… Which I think I did.

If I had of drafted exactly the same and taken bell first I would have likely of gotten Smith and Prescott… or something around that tier or later… much happier with the Rodgers option

Outside of maybe week 1, I don’t have any qualms with Bell. Either way he’s going to ball out this year. The Steelers aren’t planning on giving him a contract next season, so I’d expect them to try and get all the usage out of him that they can, run him into the ground.

Looking at it from Le’veon’s point of view, if he expects to get the deal he thinks he deserves, he better ball out this year, or no one is going to shell out big money for a 26 year old back.

These WRs are way too weak for a zero RB. When you say passed lev bell, did you have a top 2 pick?

I love zero RB but I only do it from late position, if you’re in early position, you take one of the top RBs. Zero RB only works if you lock down at least 2 of the top 5-6 guys.

Taking Rodgers first does not allow you to sufficiently compete in zero RB. Even in a superflex, I wouldn’t choose Rodgers with my 1st round pick. Leaves you way too weak at WR and RB. If you had opened with someone other than rodgers, this would have worked out pretty nicely. You secured all the mid round RB targets I typically go for.

Imagine your roster if you had OBJ/Hopkins/JJ instead of rogers with that 1st pick. Then you would have like OBJ/MT/Gronk as open which would be amazing.

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I definitely get the argument against taking Bell vs. not and not getting one of Brown/OBJ/Hopkins in this format is odd but in my mind it makes sense being a 2QB league. Going zero RB doesn’t just mean pass catcher when you have a 2QB league. Would never do this in a 1QB format. My thought here (and the QB train goes quick in this league), is that if I waited too long I would be very weak at QB and RB, both of which have two roster spots each week. Wanted to have at least one difference maker at the QB spot. When I took Smith in the 6th round he was the 17th QB off the board. So could of had Brown instead of Rodgers but I would be trading that for Dak instead of Marvin Jones (my last WR). I would rather have Rodgers and Jones personally (again only in 2QB)

And I will respectively disagree with the WR assessment. I got four WR who finished as a WR1 last year and Gronk. All of which are capable of being back there again.

I can also sleep at night because I had first pick in a different league so get to ride the RB train in Gurley haha

Don’t think that’s necessarily the comparison. I run RB Zero a tonne and have been one of the guys pushing it on these forums. I’m not sure what slot you picked from but if you picked from the top 4, that means you took rogers within the top 4. I did both of my leagues using a Zero RB or Modified Zero RB approach and they were also both superflex. Superflex definitely increases the value of QBs drastically but not to the point where you are taking rodgers with a top 4 pick. The point differential just simply doesn’t warrant it. Not sure what your QB scoring is but it likely wasn’t even as favorable to elite QBs as the settings I used in my leagues which were 6 pt passing and -4 int. That format probably results in highest value ascribed to someone like Rodgers he went about 1.06 in that league, which is the highest I’ve ever seen a QB go and somewhat makes sense. If your league is closer to the regular 4/1 or 6/2 format, that makes taking Rodgers that early make even less sense cause the gap between replacement value of other guys and rogers is far exceeded by the gap between someone like Bell and RB 12+ and AB and WR12+. When I’m running Zero RB, I typically wait till about at least after the 4th round to grab a QB. Cause if you miss on Rogers, you can still get some elite productive players. You can easily get guys like Brees/Brady in the 3rd, guys like Stafford/Ryan in the 4th/5th and round it out with guys like Ben/Mariota/Dak in the 7th/8th.

The comparison isn’t really Rogers+Jones vs AB + Dak, cause you don’t have to wait until the 17th QB to take your first QB, you can easily take a QB in the 3rd/4th and get a top 10 guy. So it’s not so black and white as you have put it.

When you go Zero RB, you need Elite players at the WR position and heavily sway that positional advantage in your favor and then hope that you nail a couple mid/late round RBs that close the gap on the RB front. Really the only truly Elite guys you have is MT who is a mortal lock to finish as top 12. Fitz is maybe the next ranked but after that, Thielen and Marvin Jones both have huge question marks / candidates for regression.

Let’s start with Thielen. I believe last year was his ceiling. It was the perfect marriage of coaching and situation. First you have Shurmur (who is now gone) who absolutely loves utilizing the slot receiving role and featuring it in the offense. Then, you had Case Keenum who struggles to push the ball down field and relies heavily on the short underneath routes. All of that combined to give Thielen 140+ targets last year. Diggs is the way more talented receiver and they went out and acquired Cousins who is a far better QB and has the ability to push it downfield. Do you foresee thielen getting 140 targets again? I sure as hell don’t. Even with 140 targets, he only barely finished as a wr1 coming in at WR12. He is awful in the redzone so work there will also go in diggs favor. Thielen is probably my top guess for who falls out of WR1 conversation this year. Also, when doing Zero RB, you need to have WRs who have the ceiling to win you weeks. Thielen, is not that.

Next, you have Marvin Jones, who had his best statistical season ever. Far exceeding league averages on every deep ball metric, specifically, TDs. As we know, this is one of the least predictive metrics in fantasy. His TD rate on deep balls was abnormally high and is definitely a candidate for regression. Also, he now has to deal with a healthy Golladay who has a very similar build and very similar skill set in terms of deep ball ability. So they will be fighting for targets there. When Golladay was in the line up last year, Jones averaged 4 targets less and about 3 points less per game from 12+pts to about 9pts per game. That’s still great production but nowhere near the numbers he would need in order to reach WR1 status again.

So again, not to say that your WRs are scrubs, cause they aren’t, they’re still good receivers. Larry and MT being the 2 I have ranked the highest out of the group but compared to what I’ve typically gotten or see others get when running Zero RB, even in superflex, I think this roster lacks a bit of the ceiling required to compete with those teams with top RBs, especially in a 10 man where every team can be pretty stacked. Taking QB early in 10 man probably hurts more so than taking one in 12 man leagues. Too much talent in the top rounds to use a top pick on a QB. Only time I would consider taking rodgers is late in the 1st and only if the scoring format was such that it gave him a larger positional advantage (i.e. +6 / -4 scoring)


I believe in an earlier comment I mentioned not wanting to go near the Bell/Steelers drama. Very happy about that now haha

I’d still happily take Le’Veon. I play for the championship. And Bell gets you there. First couple weeks don’t really matter that much to me.

I think there is a real possibility where he doesn’t play this year. Steelers will eventually just move on to Conner