Fitz, Cooper, Breida, Peterson FOR Mariota, B Cooks, Ric Louis. Good Trade?

So I just made a rather big trade. I recently and regrettebly traded away Alex Smith. I was gonna roll with Tyrod (I have Andrew Luck coming back from Injury eventually). Now Tyrod isn’t exactly viable with Charles Clay out.

So I decided to make a big move to try and get Marcus Mariota from the guy I traded Alex Smith to.

This is a 14 Team, .75PPR League with 4 Bench Spots and 1 IR.

Here’s My Team:

Here’s His Team:

Here’s the Trade:
KK to MK Trade 2

My: Fitzgerald, Amari, Breida, and Peterson
His: Brandin Cooks, Mariota, and Ricardo Louis.

Thoughts and opinions? Did I win the trade? I think it’s equal more or less. I’m planning on picking up Jacoby Brisett in case Mariota is still out.

Overall I like it. Would have tried to get an RB instead of Louis since you’re giving away 2.

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Thanks for the reply.

Yeah I was wanting to hold onto one of those two guys. But with my RB floor being pretty solid with Hunt and Freeman, I will play the wire to get a serviceable replacement over Riddick. (At least Freeman is now past his bye).

Also, I think Ricardo might have some connection with the Kevin Hogan. (Longshot I know, but we’ll see).

Bumperooskie here. Looking for a little other input.

Thanks guys!