Fitz for Alshon?

Just got offered this trade I will be receiving Alshon, should I take it and get fitz off my hands? Who would you guys rather have ROS?

Id take it just from the QB situation. Yes, Wentz does spread the ball around. But that offense is hummin. Who knows whats going to happen in AZ.

I would take the trade as well. I’m a Fitz owner in several leagues, and I would take the trade if it was offered to me. Alshon has upside and Fitz is going to decline with backup QB playing.


I would really like to see the with and without Palmer stats for fitz on this one. Unless you have Ertz or Agholor, I think it’s a crapshoot having Alshon who has been known to drop balls. I think Fitz talent exceeds Alshons. Just my opinion.

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Definitely Alshon.