Fitz for Cooper in PPR Dynasty?

My starters are Julio, M Thomas and Hogan/Fitz. Do you think it’s worth trading Fitz for Cooper in dynasty? I think he may bounce back this year…

Are you kidding me? This is robbery. Cooper in a second.

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I’ll give it a shot. Fitz had 261 points to Cooper’s 173 last year. He needs a solid starter this year so I may be able to swing it…

Cooper also had multile 1K yard seasons before that. Fitz is also 34. Cooper is 24. Its a dynasty league. This is the easiest decision I’ve ever seen in my life. Don’t over think it. Its obvious.

Edit: He was also injured for half the season and him and Carr missed entire offseason of practice together. Situations change. Looking at point totals from 1 year without context is meaningless.

Yeah you’re probably right. Though contextually, the guy that has Cooper does not have much of a WR squad and doesn’t need much of an improvement to be a SB contender. I thought he might take a shot on Fitz to improve his chances at that especially if he feels like Cooper screwed him last year. /shrug

If he bucks, what do you think about offering Fitz for McKinnon (IR)?

I thought this was an offer someone made to you. Makes more sense now that you’re offering. No one with half a brain would accept Fitz for Cooper in the dynasty.

Cooper gives him as good a shot at contending as Fitz does. Oakland is a horrible team. Trading mack significantly boosts cooper’s value for this year. Carr going to be tossing the rock 35-40 times a game in order for that team to stand a chance. Cooper going to see majority of those targets.

If you’ve seen any of my posts on here, you’ll know I am about the lowest on McKinnon as anyone around. I think there’s a good shot he doesn’t play a down for Shannahan and I don’t want any ownership in him. I’d rather take Fitz and see if I can make a deep run this year.

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