Fitz/Gore for Allen/Perine Trade

14 team league. I’ve got 5 starter-worthy RBs so looking to unload some depth and upgrade. This guy has McCaffrey and Tolbert as is RBs…he offered me Keenan Allen and Perine for Gore and Fitz. Thoughts?

My RBs: Murray, Martin, Gore, Stewart, Kelley
WRs: Hill, Diggs, Fitz, Decker, Doctson

Another guy also has Gillislee and Riddick so I could try a Stewart/Gore combo for Gillislee as well. Let me know thanks guys.

I don’t think Perine will be that great this season, but I would totally take Allen over Fitz

So would Gore and Fitz for Allen be worth it ya think? Could try to package another RB if he’s desperate.

I mean if he would be willing to put Perine in the trade as well I would take him, but I would not expect too much from him