Fitz Magic / Murray / Darnold ROS... Trade Help

I am in a two QB league. 1/2 ppr. I recieved a trade offer for Fitzmagic, and Kittle in return I would get Kyler Murray, Hockensen, Ekeler/Hunt (I can pick either) My team is 3rd to last and I am out of the playoffs but could squeak in. My 2nd QB is what is hurting my team. Would you make this trade?

Current team
QB: Lamar Jackson
QB2: Darnold
WR: Hopkins
RB: Josh Jacobs
TE: Kittle
W/R: Odell
W/R: Devonte Freeman

Bench: Scary Terry / Fitz Magic / Robby Anderson

Bumping for advice

I think kyler Murray is an upgrade over Darnold, but fitz has a pretty decent schedule coming up especially in playoffs. I still think I would prefer Murray though. Now keep in mind that you are trying to squeak in to the playoffs and so every week counts: Murray does have a bye week coming up and plays SF again (at home, where I don’t think they will be so friendly the second time around).

I’m also not sure you are getting enough for Kittle; assuming his injury isn’t longer term, you are basically getting a TE streamer (hock) and either an RB who is trending down (ekeler) or an RB who is a huge question mark (Hunt). The new OC in LAC is running Gordon significantly more, and I have a hard time believing the browns completely move away from Chubb. Neither could be that relevant.

Just to point out on Hockenson however; right now has been getting more involved in the offence every week with the way the lions are throwing, but he’s still dropping a lot of balls. He does however have one of the best schedules for TEs coming up, and as a first round pick for the lions, he does have the potential to be a second half beast. It is a risk but it could work out.

All this to say, the trade isn’t awful. I would probably lean Ekeler only because we’ve seen what he can do, but if you prefer a risky approach maybe hunt pays off. I would also try to pick up maybe Herndon as well just to have a backup plan if Hockenson doesn’t pan out.